Herewith, 40 things I’d like to accomplish before December 31, 2014.

1. A handstand. (Done – Maui September ’14)

I fell over  0.08 seconds later.
I fell over 0.08 seconds later.

2. Evolve that to walking on my hands? Maybe?

3. Run an ultra race.

4. Ride to Lilloet. And back.

5. Read 5 of the classics.

6. Cook 4 new dishes (because 40 new dishes would be ludicrous for this girl).

7. Take each kid on their own “Date Day”. (1/3 done)


8. Set PRs in a 5K, 10K and Half-Marathon. (1/2 marathon done: Vancouver 1st Half. Does my 10K split count?)

Ran in as many colours as possible, including purple hair.


9. Win a race. (Does age group count? Maui Half Marathon, september 2014)


10. Write more.

11. Volunteer more.

12. Do a skate-ski race.

13. Spend a night in the backcountry.

14. Spend more time on/in/near the ocean.

15. Go somewhere I’ve never been.

16. Worry less.

17. Unplug for one weekend every month.

18. Do 30 days of… something.

19. Spend 2 days entirely alone.

20. Say “yes” more.

21. Do a 1-arm push up.

22. Throw a kick-ass party because, well, parties are fun.

23. Take a dance class (Carlee?)

24. Run the trails at night by moonlight and headlamp.

I need to think of more things.  Suggestions welcome!


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