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A new job!

You guys! I am so excited to announce that I have a new job, despite the economic downturn and global pandemic. Drum roll, please…

I am the newly minted Administrative Assistant to my children.

This is an opportunity I didn’t even know existed a few weeks ago, but it really just dropped into my lap, so how could I refuse?

It’s quite a diverse role, let me tell you. And rewarding! Gosh.

Boss #3 in the background

I get to print things, endless things. I find lost (and very specific) pencils. I assist with managing calendars and appointments. Who knew that I had such profound IT skills? I can reset a password like nobody’s business.

In this house, chargers live the same existence as hair ties and Tupperware lids. Who the hell knows where they go, but I hope they are happy. This really just means that I also get do some conflict-resolution when my employers fight over the one remaining charger that is left in the cafeteria (aka Kitchen).

In addition, my role includes that of project management! Some people might call this overseeing homework, but I, for one, was exited to learn that my non-existent bird house making skills would come in handy… I may look to sub-contract this role. If anyone is looking, please do let me know.

Building her coronapocalypse pack. Totally normal.

I try to draw the line at fixing the snacks they request (a request usually made with a mouth full while eating a different snack) but find myself succumbing to the demand, else they’d quite happily survive on instant ramen and cereal.

I’m excited to see how this new role will evolve in the coming weeks.

I’m also really looking forward to the day I get laid off.


Please note: I am incredibly grateful that I even *get* to help my kids through this. They are doing, for the most part, great. Their school has been super supportive, as have my “real” employers. Writing these silly posts helps me find levity in an otherwise very heavy situation. As a family, we are doing our best – even if some days there’s more yelling and bickering than others. Do what works best for you and yours. For me, what works best is trying to find the humour and to find things to laugh at, even if that thing is myself.


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