I’m first and foremost a mother to 3 young, energetic, active, funny, moody, bossy towheaded kids.

I’m a daughter of 2 parents wedded for almost 38 years.

I’m also a sister to 2 very successful brothers.

I’m lucky to have incredible and loyal friends.

I’m kind of an athlete.

I’m an imaginary adventurer.

Avid sports, politics and world events follower.

Sporadic blogger.

I have a deep affection for coffee, sunshine, the occasional rainy afternoon, travel, good books, food I didn’t make myself, hard candy, good comedy, challenges.

I harbour a deep loathing of tomatoes and of those people who stand too close to the luggage carousel.

I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.



1 thought on “SMO”

  1. Hey Cogger, stumbled on your blog while looking up stuff for the Pan Am Games, small-big world! It’s Andrew (Horsman) of former BLBC fame… Looks like you’re doing great, would love to reconnect when things settle down a bit.
    I’m living in Toronto now, run the tire recycling program for the province (you have a similar one in BC, where you pay $5 on every tire to get it recycled). Am married and have 2 kids (twins, Megean and Kaleb, 21/2 years old).
    I will likely get out to Vancouver in late Feb, maybe we can plan on meeting up, I can come your way. Shoot me an e-mail at , would be great to hear from you.

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