Pandemic Ponderings.

You’d think that, with a heavy-duty title like that one, I’d have some deep and meaningful insights to share with you about this new world order we’re living in. The fact that this post has been in a drafts folder for weeks (months?) should give a good sense of how much up and down there is; sometimes even within one day. I start writing, I get distracted, then start again, then promptly forget my train of thought. Some days I’m not even sure where the train is.


Here’s something I’ve been thinking about, though.

I believe that we’re all a little wiped out and that “COVID Fatigue” is a real thing. But lately, I’m finding that I’m a little tired of people pushing relentless positivity. Weird, right? 

Hear me out.

I think that is perfectly ok to feel like total garbage, for no discernible reason. It’s ok to be low. You’re entitled to that foul mood. Sometimes I don’t want to be cheerful, or be cheered up. Maybe you don’t need to be constantly looking for the bright side or the unicorn pooping rainbows. I, for one, don’t want to be judged for not being a little ray of sunshine 24/7 (which, to be frank, has never happened but you get my point). 

Sometimes, I stop and whisper to myself “I can’t believe we’re living through a pandemic. This is not normal.”

And yet here we are! Pandemic living 101!

Look, I have a very easy life. I have healthy kids, a great family. I am still employed. I have a tight circle of friends I can rely on. I am at least 50% as fit as a I once was (I kid, but… yeah).

Bottom line: I am extremely lucky.  

That said, I’m entitled to bad days. And I really believe that we have to respect each other’s bad days! We’re all muddling through, in our own way. There’s no pandemic guidebook, that I know of. And so, when you ask me how it’s going and occasionally I reply, “really kind of crappy!” just nod and go with it.

I’ll extend you the same courtesy, I promise.

So there you go. Thank you for coming to my poorly articulated Ted Talk, in defence of bad days. 



We got a kitten.

The end.

This is Ace.

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