Days like these

I have absolutely no reason to declare boredom.

The kids are home and “distance learning”; while they zoom and do their work, I zoom and do mine. There’s no shortage of either. The weather is good, bikes and trails beckon, even when motivation wanes. Chores and the minutiae of daily life goes on.

And yet, yesterday I was bored to tears… by 7:46am.

I know full well that I’m one of the lucky ones, so it feels a little bit awful admitting that.

Thankfully, I know that a lot of my friends feel the same way, so when it feels like I am losing my marbles, I’m really not. Usually.

For once, I’m normal!

We’re going on, what, 7 weeks? 8? of living the pandemic life. The novelty has well and truly worn off. Yet, in all honesty, other than a whole lot of family togetherness, life in our little community bubble feels much the same. The global news cycle remains exhausting. Who can keep up? Quite frankly, who wants to? In the bubble I shall remain.

I miss having external goals and adventures to plan. Today, I was meant to be on my way to California to race a triathlon. Maybe I’ll do a mountain bike ride in my race onesie to commemorate what was supposed to be.

Even just writing this (and, I imagine reading this), is boring.

That’s it. That’s my whole life update. Life goes on, bored and boring or not!




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