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Rubble Creek and random thoughts

Rubble Creek Classic

Last week, Jen and I, accompanied by 30 friends/strangers ran the Rubble Creek Classic .  Chicks in the Sticks go racing!  We’ve been wanting to do this run for years and we finally committed; or rather, I signed Jen and I up whether she liked it or not.  Neither of us have gotten in much quality training of late but the day was spectacular and well worth the effort of getting up early and running 24K.

About 8 km of climbing, a random number of kms of flats around the base of Black Tusk and then 10 painful kms of down, down, down… I felt that run for days.

It was mostly worth it because I had the most spectacular nap that afternoon.


“If you want something done, give it to the busiest person you know”.  Truer words were never spoken – to me, anyway.  I’ve been “retired” for about 3 weeks now and I am struggling to relax and feeling the need to fill my days with tasks and projects.  I’m afraid that if I slow down, I’ll never get going again.


It’s Fall now, pretty much officially.  Shorter days, cold mountain mornings.  I love the leaves, the light, the change.  I don’t love having to layer the kids in clothing.  I’m counting the days till the can dress themselves intelligently to head into the cold outdoors.

Early runs now start in the dark… harder to pry oneself out of bed, that’s for sure.  This morning’s CITS run was the 2nd Annual-Earn-That-Turkey-Dinner-run through the Mosquito Lake trails.  The sunrise made it special, as did the fact that we were done by 8:45am.


There is much to be thankful for this year.  Despite the loss of my mother a few weeks ago, I am thankful for being surrounded by such good friends, ridiculous children, a close-knit family and some pretty nice physical surroundings.  Frankly, there isn’t much I can complain about.

Ed: is it thankful FOR or thankful that I?  See?  Told you I wasn’t a writer.


Anja and I fly to Quebec tomorrow to prepare for Mum’s celebration of life.  She is very excited about prospect of “fwying on da aiyapwane”.  Little does she know that flying is basically like sitting in a car for 5 hours, but with a bathroom.  I can’t bring myself to burst her bubble.  I have, however, drilled the notion of sky martials into their towheads.  Scream and the “sky martian” is allowed to open the door at the back of the plane and “fwow you out!”

Parenting 101.  Fear and mild skepticism.

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On playing hookie

I’m a big believer in the importance of education.  I consider my family to be extremely fortunate to be educated in French in BC.  We’re privileged enough to have small classrooms, outstanding teachers and programs that allow our kids to experience different things other than just sitting behind a desk 24/7.

This past weekend, we were chatting with friends who were telling us about their own experiences with their schools.  For instance, they were reprimanded when they took their kindergartner out of school for a week to go to India (India!)  Others are charged $200 per absence because truancy levels are so high where they live.

Personally, I think that is outrageous.  I want my kids to experience a diverse education.  If that means that I’ll pull my first grader out of school for one day to do something I think has value, I will.  If I want to give the kids the opportunity to travel somewhere exotic (or not), I’d like to do that without penalty (within reason, of course).  Granted, growing up, if we weren’t bleeding from our eyeballs, we didn’t skip school – ever.  I don’t regret that because our weekends were so wildly different from our Monday-Friday life.

All this long winded diatribe to say that it was great to pull Will out of school today to take him and Rory to hike the Chief in Squamish.  I’d been promising/threatening to take them all summer and with the weather about to turn and empty retirement days looming, I thought it would be a great time to do it.

The boys did great.  The hike was no joke and we made it to just beyond the second peak. Saved by some PB&J sandwiches in the sun, we ventured back down and had some very amusing chats about a variety of topics on our way down: Star Wars, manners, Omi, squirrels, walking sticks, burping and sore muscles to name but a few.  I’ve heard that the best way to communicate with young boys is while they are moving.  If my kids are any indication, it’s 100% true.

We didn’t make record time by any means but there was sunshine, limited whining, minimal blood and no fights.  I’ll call that a win.

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Chicks in the Sticks

The idea for Chicks in the Sticks came about on one of our many runs together. We’ve been talking for years about all the runs around us that we’d like to do, but it always ends up being October by the time we realize we’ve once again run out of time and are staring down another winter. This summer, rather than scour the internet for races near and far, we decided that perhaps it was finally time to take advantage of what our own backyard has to offer – for free! Hence the creation of our own series: Chicks in the Sticks. The purpose is to run our favourite trails, to run new trails, to catch up with one another and to talk, talk, talk. There are no rules, you don’t even technically need to be a chick, so long as you can keep up your end of the conversation.

Have I mentioned how thankful I am to have friends to do these silly things with? Especially friends who will just as happily sit down and have a glass of wine as they will run up the side of a mountain on any given Sunday.

V1 of our series was the Mosquito Lake Trail run, a tradition of sorts in Pemberton that ends with popsicle-stick timing and homemade treats. Proof that we participated on what was a pretty miserable day, courtesy Dave Steers.

Internal dialogue:

Jen: “It’s pouring rain and I have to run home after we finish this silly run. What am I thinking?!

Carlee: “Why did I let them talk me into this when I paid to get my hair done yesterday?”

Christine: “Yep. That 3rd glass of wine last night was a bad idea.”

We pretty much came last and I, for one, did not shut up the entire time. Someone passed us near the finish line and we all started to surge to pass her and then all consciously slowed down and let her go. This, for me anyway, was a new experience and really kind of fun!

V2 was kind of impromptu, a run on the new Sea-to-Sky trail from our homes to Nairn Falls and back. It was a gorgeous sunny day and not a single picture was taken.

Clown feet

I’m still recovering from V3. Carlee taught dance for 1203947 hours on Saturday so had to bow out but Jen and Lizzie joined the fun… and by fun I mean “let’s run to the paraglide launch at the top of that mountain!” fun. What goes up, must come down… Ow.

Stay tuned for V4. All are welcome to join… the more the merrier. That way, there’s more bait to distract the cougars and bears.

As an aside, can we talk about my terrible, do-I-or-don’t-I grow it out hair for a second? Help.


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Oh!  Right!  I have a blog.

Where was I??  It’s been *crickets* around here lately, haven’t been very inspired to write.  Fell off the training wagon (that big THUD you heard a few weeks back).  Trying to claw my way back on, but it keeps rolling about 3 feet away like that annoying big brother would do when you were trying to open the car door to get in and all the cool kids were watching.

Anyway, moving on.  I was thinking about something to write and figured that if the expression”a picture is worth a thousand words” is still true, then I’ll do a photo post and be miles ahead.

Ever wonder if you can define your life in photos?  In 10 photos or less?  I pretty much can, I think these sum up my day-to-day nicely these days.  What about you?

Edited to add:  I wrote this post on Thursday of last week… On Monday I started a new job.  So!  Add a shot of a different deskin an actual office with humans and a water cooler and a boardroom and a shot of an alarm going off at 5:30am and there you have it.  My life.

Day-to-day life, Kids, Pemberton, Running
Lack of posting means life has been busy! Don’t aske me what we’ve been doing, I just know that I get up in the mornings and the next thing I know, it’s time for bed… Summer is rolling along at warp speed! Hard to believe it’s almost September.

The boys are good, active and cheeky. I’ve been running (not enough to call it marathon training, but I’ll get there – I hope) and getting re-acquainted with my mountain bike. My road bike still sports the race number from the sprint I did I July!

A few photos as there’s not much else to report… for now.

Faux -Hawk.

I am officially a SOCCER MOM.