Ironman 2007

We’ve arrived safely at our home away from home in Penticton, the Park Royal RV “resort” (let’s use that term loosely).
We are all settled into our 28 foot 5th wheel trailer, which is lovingly decorated in a fabulous wood panel/mauve and green floral print motif. Despite this, it’s quite comfy and there’s room for all our crap.
Will has immediatly found a friend, Grayson from Portland so he’s happy.

Yesterday I went for a short run along the canal and back through town where I promptly got lost. Good times!
Last night was a terrific dinner of ribs, catered by Bob and Marie-Anne. Early bed time as we were all tired from a long day.

Up early this morning, it’s quite chilly! Bob, Marie-Anne and I headed to the lake for a short swim. The water was fairly choppy but there were still lots of swimmers.

We’re off to set up the Soze booth and I will pick up my race package! Woohoo!

More later,

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