Day 2

Slowly getting used to the pace of life here at Ironman. We are having quite a relaxing time – provided we stick to the campground. Otherwise, it’s TRI GEEK CENTRAL. Everyone is wearing logo wear pretty much from head to toe, parading through town, generally looking quite proud of themselves (which, I suppose, they should be). It does make for some excellent people watching.

Yesterday I went for a ride with Marie-Anne out on the run course. Fun heading out, major head wind coming back! But it was good to scope out the landmarks.

We had another nice “family” dinner with Bob, Marie-Anne and Pete, told some good stories and went to bed a little later than I probably should have. But Marie-Anne was tipsy, so the entertainment was well worth it.

This morning we swam again in the choppy water and then went to hand out in the Expo. It’s really starting to get busy. Volunteers were setting up the transitions so it’s time to go take some pictures and get my race package.

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