Some busy but fun days!

It’s been a busy few days at the housesold… Jay was away Thursday and Friday so the boys and I hung out together a lot!
Thursday was a relatively easy day, only doing a bit of strength training in the evening after the boys went to bed.
Friday was another beautiful sunny day in Whistler so Jen and I loaded up the kidlets in the strollers and we logged a hilly 10K through town. It was made all the more challenging by the fact that I had forgotten my Yak Traks and the trails are still fairly snowy. This is Rory and I before we got suited up to go…

Saturday was long swim day (sorry – no cameras allowed! haha) 3000 meters followed by coffee and toast, the only redeeming part of the morning as far as I am concerned. Saturday afternoon was quiet in the house, perfect for some stretching and yoga time.

Sunday was by far the busiest day! Race to leave the house by 8:30 for Will’s swimming lesson. During that time, Rory hung out on the pool deck in his car seat while I logged some drills in the pool to try to rectify my left side imbalance… Then it was down to the Callaghan at the Whistler Olympic Park to check out the World Cup XC race – very impressive and inspiring. We headed home after the Team Pursuit so that I could head out for my long run (14Kish) and a quick spin.

Over the river at the start of the run. Fog bank!

I remembered them this time!

Self-portait “action shot! Runs go by a lot faster this way

Not a bad place to run…

Nice view

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