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Sunshine Coast

Starting the weekend off right!

I confess: I did ZERO training this weekend. On the contrary, I ate too much, slept too little, but very much enjoyed my weekend.

Training resumes Monday – I am going to do the sprint in Vancouver in a few weeks then it will be time to head to France!!

Thanks to AA, we spent the weekend aboard “Classique” and headed up to Smuggler’s Cove on the Sunshine Coast. Will loved every minute (as did Rory) and then PROMPTLY hit the wall the instant we came back to the yacht club at the end of our trip.

It was fun and as much as I like being away, I like coming home. Although at this point, I’ve been home for 2 hours and I’m still swaying…

Taking a break from… himself.

Pre-dinner pose.

AC and Will row-row-row yer boat

Buccaneer Bay Beach

“The waaaater is maaaaaaking the belllllll riiiiiing”. Will sang this about 2103984987 times. Can you tell AC is STOKED to hear it again?

View from below deck.

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