Home again, home again!

We spent the weekend in Nelson at a wedding. It’s a super little town, complete with lake, good trails and the best coffee shop I’ve seen in a long time osonegrocoffee We stayed at the Hume Hotel (which is haunted, thank you very much) and spent the weekend cruising around and attending wedding-related affairs.

The boys at the park in Nelson. Will stole my smoothie.

On our way we stopped in Armstrong to break up the drive and drop the dogs off at the grandparents. I took the opportunity to head out for a little run in the evening. I usually run the same “square”. I dislike 3/4 of the run, but there’s 1/4 that makes it worth it. It reminds me of running in the East: fields, rolling terrain and a horizon, something I don’t get to see often in the Whistler/Pemberton corridor. My legs were DONE but it was good to get out.

I’m back home how, facing down a training program from Val that ought to get me going again… Next up, Squamish tri relay, Vancouver Sprint and the very competitive SPUD RUN tomorrow morning!

And of course, only 2 weeks till I head to France. Might be time to peel the race numbers of the bike and get on it again!

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