Home, and it feels good!

It’s so bizarre coming home after being away for 3+ weeks. In some ways it feels like I took off yesterday, in others it feels like I’ve been gone for years.

After a frantic final few days (Jay trying to finish my parents’ bathroom, me trying to squeeze a few last social visits) we flew home this morning. We left damp, coolish Quebec and returned to hot, windy Pemberton! It’s eerie driving into town: it’s bustling along at it’s normal, mellow pace while just 25km down the road our friends at Dreamcatcher Meadows have evacuated their operations due to 2 massive wilfires that are presently 100% UNcontained. Fingers crossed that their luck will turn soon…

I had a nice time in Quebec, got to spend time with the family and send Will to the Boat Club! Hilarious! I spent more time there than I did at home when I was a kid in the summers, so it’s great to be able to send him. I can’t quite believe I’m almost a “boat club mum”. Weird.

Boat baby

Tennis lessons, Day 1

In run news, I did manage to start NYC marathon running with a couple good, humid runs. I love running in Knowlton. It’s always rolling country roads, no bears and tons of route options (though I always end up running my same faves over and over…)

One of my favourite roads to run on

Pasty. Still & Always.

Being back in Pemberton means it’s time to get back into the bathing suit and back on my bike! Yay!


One Reply to “Home, and it feels good!”

  1. Ha Ha!! Never thought I would see the day you were glad to be back in a bathing suit, but perhaps I am jumping to conclusions that that means you are excited to swim!Hope you are coming to Chez Burnaby soon with a slide show!

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