Home, and it feels good!

It’s so bizarre coming home after being away for 3+ weeks. In some ways it feels like I took off yesterday, in others it feels like I’ve been gone for years.

After a frantic final few days (Jay trying to finish my parents’ bathroom, me trying to squeeze a few last social visits) we flew home this morning. We left damp, coolish Quebec and returned to hot, windy Pemberton! It’s eerie driving into town: it’s bustling along at it’s normal, mellow pace while just 25km down the road our friends at Dreamcatcher Meadows have evacuated their operations due to 2 massive wilfires that are presently 100% UNcontained. Fingers crossed that their luck will turn soon…

I had a nice time in Quebec, got to spend time with the family and send Will to the Boat Club! Hilarious! I spent more time there than I did at home when I was a kid in the summers, so it’s great to be able to send him. I can’t quite believe I’m almost a “boat club mum”. Weird.

Boat baby

Tennis lessons, Day 1

In run news, I did manage to start NYC marathon running with a couple good, humid runs. I love running in Knowlton. It’s always rolling country roads, no bears and tons of route options (though I always end up running my same faves over and over…)

One of my favourite roads to run on

Pasty. Still & Always.

Being back in Pemberton means it’s time to get back into the bathing suit and back on my bike! Yay!

1 thought on “Home, and it feels good!”

  1. Ha Ha!! Never thought I would see the day you were glad to be back in a bathing suit, but perhaps I am jumping to conclusions that that means you are excited to swim!Hope you are coming to Chez Burnaby soon with a slide show!

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