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Overdue but perfectly undercooked

Sporadic… that’s as good as it’s going to get these days! Since the last post I did the Squamish XTC race, went to Las Vegas for Interbike, celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family and have been counting down the days till New York. Only 10 days till we fly out!

XTC was great. Cold and crisp in the morning made for a fun swim start. It was about 6 degrees when I left my house on race morning but warmed up to about 12 degrees by the time we took the start. For some reason organizers started the sprinters halfway through the first lap of the full course racers, which made for an “active” start. I had a decent swim, considering I had barely been swimming and couldn’t feel my face until I went around the 1st buoy.

Transition was FUNNY. It’s no easy feat pulling a cycling jersey over a wet bathing suit (“Squeak”!) By the time I finally got out onto the bike I was pretty relaxed. I managed to pass a whole bunch of people before we hit the single track and that was a good thing – triathletes don’t make for exceptionally talented mountain bikers, so say the least.

Off the bike onto the run was the best! A few hundred meters of flats to get my running legs under me and then it was a full 1 km uphill and a super fun/super sketchy, wet, rooty downhill. Not my forte for sure but it was fun. The lead male passed me like I was sitting on the sidelines cheering, not racing.

Capped the day off enjoying burgers and a visit with friends on the beach at Alice Lake… and a few hours later I was Vancouver-bound for a week in Las Vegas at Interbike. I was excited to go to this show but it was a bit of a disappointment this year. Highlights did include checking out some of the incredible euro brands that we never get to see around home, CrossVegas, heat and most importantly, pool time!

Shortly after getting back from Interbike we ran the Inaugural D’arcy to Pinecrest 100K relay, a huge success! My leg was 14ish K, run with Christine S. and John B. Good company, good weather and good times. Really looking forward to doing it again next year!

Last but not least, looming in under 2 weeks is the New York City marathon! I wasn’t thinking about it too much in the past few weeks but I did my last long run today and now I cannot WAIT to go. I haven’t run as much as I probably should have to be 100% prepared (hence the undercooked) but at least I am not injured and I think that it’s going to be amazing! T-minus 13 days!

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