Doha, Racing, Running

Race day in Doha

One of my producers here had the bright idea (with perhaps some slight coercion on my part) to sign us up for an Aquathon, behind held at the Aspire Zone this past Friday.  The race was the first in a series of 5, part of their winter race series.  Team BesterCogger pulled it together for a respectable finish!  Rocky led us out with a solid 500m swim, I brought it home with the 5K run.

For the bargain price of 50 Riyals (about $15), we were treated to a safe and super well organized event that included photos, official timing, a full spread of food, medals and a goodie bag stuffed with swag.  WTC, take note…

The swim was held in one of 4 (!) pools at the venue and the run went around the outer edges of the Aspire Zone.  This was a great way for me to see the venue!  Because we go there early enough, I also got to check out several of the indoor venue sites for the upcoming Games, including boxing, fencing and gymnastics.  It’s all coming together.

The Aspire Zone is Doha’s version of Whistler’s Meadow Park.  The major difference, besides the incredible facilities themselves, obviously, is that they are virtually empty.  No one uses them… a shame really.  What we wouldn’t do to have such an incredible facility at our fingertips!


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