Just some randoms…

Life in this part of my world has returned to our version of normal.  The excitement of “Mom’s home!” wore off in about 8 minutes and the sensation that I had never actually left set in about a hour after getting home.

Here’s a few random shots of what life holds for me these days.  It’s pretty simple: kids (weee!) /kitchen duty (ugh) /getting back to training (ow…)/catching up on life.  I will be posting a longer and more detailed update soon…  There’s lots of other stuff going on that I just don’t feel like writing about.

In no particular order:

This damn Mascot traveled home with me and beat all Christmas gifts HANDS DOWN.
Saturday ski date. Fueled by carbs as big as his head.
I fear that this will be the view for the next 15 years of skiing with my kids. Bugger is 5!
A bit of togetherness before I turn into the Trade Show Widow

In the meantime, I am pondering what my next adventure should be.  I have a few ideas… but I’m open to suggestions!


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