What’s on your playlist?

A quick note about my header photo.  Local Whistler photographer and general excellent person David McColm shot that photo on the evening that Sarah died.  He shared it on his FB page.  Go take a look, it’s stunning…

Moving on, after this not so fantastic week, it’s time to dwell on a new topic.  I have notoriously terrible taste in music and given that I spend a lot of my running and triathlon training solo, it means I listen to a lot of it (hello, Beyonce!  Why, yes!  I’d love to listen to you on repeat!)

I’m expanding my musical horizons and listening to lots of artists that are new to me and, well,  so far so good.  My ears aren’t bleeding and I haven’t listened to Rick Springfield in weeks.

So c’mon people, what’s on your iPod?  Fire away your best play lists, preferably ones with songs that are fast and furious.

In other news, I discovered that my treadmill tops out at 16 km/h.  I guess that’s a good discovery?  I didn’t even fall off the back of it!

Training ticks along… slowly getting back into the rhythm of it.  Running’s consistent, swimming still sucks and I haven’t fallen off the rollers.  Yet.  Half-Marathon in 20 days…

Spare time around here is taken up by keeping up with these:

And negotiating with this one:

If you are familiar with toddlers then you’ll know which activity I’m having more success with.

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