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I’m ‘back on the grid’ after 4 days in lovely, rainy Tofino (or ‘Fino, as it’s known to the kids). It was a long haul to get there and home but, in my and the kids’ opinions, worth every minute. It was cold and rainy (except, of course, for the morning we had to leave) and it didn’t matter. It made the place even more beautiful.

Highlights for me include watching Anja collect every bit of shell, crab, seaweed, stick or stone she could stuff in her ‘yadybug’ coat pocket; betting Will $5 he  wouldn’t jump in the ocean; losing that bet; watching the kids eat fresh crab for the first time;  Anja eating (and enjoying) an oyster; a short run on the beach; being away from the internet/news/phone for 3 entire days.

The quote of the weekend came from Will:

Me: “Will! Be quiet or the neighbours will get mad at us!”

Will (to his siblings): “Guys! Be quiet or the neighbours will shoot us!”

I took over 350 pictures in 3 days. Kids and beaches are so easy.  I can’t wait to go back.

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