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4 years ago, Rory was born… amidst a rock slide that shut down the Sea-to-Sky Highway and left us separated from Will for something like 6 days.  That adventure was followed shortly thereafter by the Beijing 2008 Olympics.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget being in my brother’s apartment, Will asleep in the other room, Rory on my shoulder, whisper-screaming for Simon Whitfield to GO!  GO!  GO! And Go! He did… to a silver medal.

Sadly things didn’t end well for Simon today, but in honour of that event four years ago, we gave Rory’s 4th birthday party a fitting theme this year.

Bring on… The Rolympics!

We like our Games to be inclusive (we mix age, gender and qualifying times for every ‘event’).  We keep our athletes hydrated and fueled (aka juice boxes and cupcakes).  We provide diversion from the stress of competition (aka smash the piñata).  We are quite flexible on uniform rules (nudiness encouraged).  Our flag bearer was selected by his peers (more like forced to do it).  We all napped afterwards.

All in all, success!

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