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The list

Everyone seems to have a bucket list, a 100-things-to-do-before-they die/get married/have kids/etc. I don’t have a life bucket list (yet) or a 100 things list (yet) but I guess I have a bucket list of races, events or adventures I’d like to do before I kick it. Or stop being able to do these silly things, whichever comes first. Herewith, my list.

(Ed note: This list changes on a daily basis, per my mood and general interest level).

NYC Marathon

Yes, I’ve run this one before, but this time I’d like to do it without being 4 months pregnant.

Boston Marathon

The sand in the Vaseline here is that I’d have to qualify. I’ll work on that. Hmm.

A Marathon or trail race in Hawaii

It’s bound to be hot and humid. Fun!

The Transrockies Run

For my 40th. Or thereabouts. Right Lizzie?

An Xterra race in Utah

Why Utah? I have no idea really, other than it seems like a nice course with the added challenge of altitude.

The Mid-Mountain Marathon in Park City, Utah.

This trail is stunning! Why not run it?

An Ironman or Marathon in Europe.

Huge crowds, historic cities, lots of beer.

The Across the Lake swim in Kelowna

I have never been brave enough but figure I should do it one day.

An Ironman that gives me an outside shot at qualifying for Kona one day.

Maybe when I’m in the 80-85 age group.

What about you? What’s on your list? I want some suggestions and by suggestions I mean invitations. I realize this list is mostly running, time to work on my biking and adventure list – primarily more Chicks in the Sticks!

No big adventures planned for the weekend (unless you call getting up at 5am to volunteer at an the Squamish 50 and then heading home for a wedding and dancing on a mildly sprained ankle an adventure) so I’ll leave you with some random pictures.

Have a great weekend! The last weekend of Olympics 24/7… cue the withdrawal.

2 thoughts on “The list”

  1. Hey. Just came across your blog. Good one. I’m planning on doing this in Seattle next May. Not so much of a physical challenge but more a reminder to have fun and not to take life too seriously! You’re welcome to join me.

  2. San Sebastian triathlon. Amazing beach, hills for running and cycling, and then all that great food. Some sexy Spanish men to run down too!

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