Day-to-day life, Family

Retirement… of sorts.

Tomorrow marks my last day of full time employment.  It’s been an interesting learning experience; learning to juggle family, work, recreation and day-to-day life.  Surprisingly, everyone handled it pretty well.

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll miss and what I won’t when I’m unemployed (or as I like to call it, semi-retired).  Herewith, my list.

I will miss

  • Daily, intelligent adult interaction.  Not that my people aren’t intelligent, but a girl can only talk about Lego and Star Wars for so long.
  • Thinking, problem solving, creating and doing.  Learning some new tricks of the trade.
  • My colleagues.  They really are a fun and caring group.  They love what they do, and it shows.
  • Visiting with the boys at their camps, which was based just downstairs from my office.  It’s a treat to spy on my kids.
  • Daily lunch runs.  Even though I can run at home, lunch runs always felt like they had a purpose.  I hope I can carry that purpose forward into… retirement.

I won’t miss

  • Being more tired on Mondays than I was on Fridays due to trying to cram 5 days of recreation and family time into 48 hours.  Woe is me, I know.
  • Sitting all day.  If I were more industrious, I’d have devised something like this.  But I’m not particularly handy, so that’ll have to wait till my next job.  Or until I learn to be handy.
  • Saying goodbye to my people every day and wondering what adventures they’ll get up to without me.
  • The commute.  Sure, it’s scenic and relatively short.  Yes, I like to roll down the window and sing along poorly and loudly or be a good Canadian and listen to the CBC, but I’m kind of over spending $100 a week on gas.
  • Fluorescent lights.  Evil, evil invention, those.

I’m not too sure what the future holds, but I’m not prepared to worry about it just yet.  The right situation will present itself.

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