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Road tripping, Ho Ho Ho.


A few months ago and for a variety of reasons, I decided that I did not want to spend Christmas at home this year.  Last year, I missed the buildup to the holidays due to the fact that I was in the Middle East. To my surprise, I didn’t miss it; the hype, the commercials, the spending at all (I did, however, miss the egg nog lattes).

If I ruled my own universe, no one would be allowed to start decorating, singing, tinselling or egg-nog latte-ing until December 15th.  Ahem, moving on.

This year, we’re planning on loading up the Suburban and heading south to San Diego.  We haven’t done much planning for this adventure, other than to promise the kids we’d hit Legoland as our Christmas excursion.  That’s it.  As for the rest of it, we’ll play it by ear.  This is either going to be a great idea or a foolhardy mission.

It’s roughly 2250 km from Vancouver to San Diego.  We’ll bring camping gear because I’m optimistic enough (naive?!) to think we may be able to camp for a few nights in California.  It’s always warm and sunny there, right?

The kids are psyched.  I’m… working up to it.

Anyone got any great road trip ideas to keep kids happy?  Must-see places on the way south?


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