Family, Whistler

One love.

It’s funny what you remember about certain people in your life.  I’ve known Julian for over 20 years now, and I knew who he was long before we’d actually met.  He was a big shot bike racer and I was a lowly slowpoke.  To this day, I clearly remember the first conversation we ever had: we were at Silver Star resort for a Canada Cup race.  Organizers had made changes to the race for reasons I can’t remember (forest fires, maybe?)  Anyway.  One night there was some sort of dirt jump contest and we sat in folding chairs at the end of the course and chatted for most of the evening about all kinds of different things.  I was so intimidated by the idea of him but he turned out to be such a genuinely nice, open and friendly guy.

Fast-forward to present day…  Juliand and his little family are facing a challenge that no new family should have to endure.  Let’s just say that cancer sucks, affects all of us and really should just be wiped off the face of the earth.

Even if you don’t know Julian and Vanessa, surely you know someone who’s been affected.  So it’s simple.  Donate, do the right thing and let’s help them the best we can:

Do it.

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