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I consider myself to be a reasonably responsible person.  I’ve kept 3 humans alive for 7 years.  I manage to get myself to work on time most days.  I have yet to drop the dog off at daycare and leave the kids in the backyard.  However, when it comes to being responsible for getting myself into “race shape” – I am stellar at talking myself out of pretty much everything difficult and/or challenging.  If I’m not accountable to anyone but myself, it ain’t gonna happen.  Enter Christine: I’m hoping that by working with her again I’ll re-discover my love of suffering and that she won’t let me off the hook.

Yesterday was day 1 of getting back at it.  I’d sort of forgotten about my love/hate relationship with intervals.  Here’s a glimpse of what went through my mind during the run.

I totally got this.

This sucks.

I only have to do this 8 times?

I can’t believe I have to do this 8 times.

I’m hot.

My hands are cold.

God, I hate this song.

This song is fun!


Oh good! A downhill.

Yuck.  Downhills.

Having stayed away from speedwork for almost a year, I like to imagine that I look like this:


The reality is that I looked more like this:



Guess I’ll keep at it, now that I’m accountable to all (8) of you readers!

Anyone want to join me?

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