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Pressing Pause

How this self-professed Type-A personality reacted when told that putting off shoulder surgery any longer is no longer really an option:



So there you go.  Moving on to plan B, cancelling some summer race plans (including my “A” race, which I was irrationally excited to do) and listening to that little voice inside my head (Hi, Mum) telling me it’s time to suck it up and get it done.



I’ve got till July 23rd to fit in as much fun as possible.  Now taking applications for fun-joiners (and also: post-op company).

Looking at the bright side:

-I haven’t swum a stroke since at least January 4th, the day I broke my shoulder.  I likely won’t swim one till about 5-6 months from now.  Is this enough time to forget my terrible swimming habits and thus return to triathlon as a swimming superstar?  No, I didn’t think so either.  But it’s fun to pretend.

-I will learn to be ambidexterous.

-I’ll have lots of time to plot and plan my comeback.

Aaand… that’s all I got for now on the bright side of things.

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2 thoughts on “Pressing Pause”

  1. Ahh, this sounds so familar, ie Shoulder issues, hence why I’m staying away from the Dr until after IM Canada for that very reason. I could be the one swimming around in circles come race day. Love your blogs Christine, such an entertaining read and we share more than a sore shoulder, Agree 300% with your loathing of those individuals who stand to close to the luggage carousel, Complete Dicks!! Keep the stories coming!!

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