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The Un-update.

Teeny hardware
Teeny hardware


And that’s exactly what it is.  A non-update.  Status Quo.  No change.  Keep on keepin’ on.  I met with the surgeon yesterday.  Our conversation went like this.

Doc: “Everything looks great, you are right on track”.

Me: “Amazing!  I brought a list of questions.”

Doc: “Ok, let’s hear them”

And then it went like this:

Me: “Can I…”

Doc: “No.”

Me: “Ok.  Could I then…”

Doc: “No.”

Me: “Right.  How about…”

Doc: “No.”

And so it went for all 8 of my questions – which, let’s face it, were all asking in one way or another for a Get Out Of Jail Free Card.  But the truth is that I have 3 weeks and 6 more days left in the sling (also known as the arm cooker as per Anja – and a truer name was never assigned, given its black polyester nature and the 32C nights).

And so onwards I go, perfecting my left hand-typing, mouse-maneuvering, veggie-chopping skills.  But I still can’t tie my own shoes.





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