QOTD: A day in the life of Anja.


Girls and their stripes
Girls and their stripes

She comes by her nickname, Talky Talkerson, quite honestly.  From sunrise to bedtime, she talks.  Talks and talks and talks.  Conversations, questions or monologues, on and on she goes.  It’s a combination of amusing, entertaining, exhausting, frustrating and endearing.

98% of the time lately, the days begin with her little voice yelling one of 2 things in her groggy, semi-wakeful state, from the comfort of her bed.

“Can I come dooo-oo-own?”

“I’m getting hungry for my bektest (breakfast)”

With our permission, she trundles downstairs, dragging her ratty blankie, and she’s off.

Some samples from Wednesday:

“Even strangers have feelings, you know”.

“Call me Alice.  I can never go back to being Anja.”

“Mum, who am I again (me: “Alice”) “Oh yeah, Alice.  Call me Alice.”

“I need to tell you a story about, um, me.”

“Can I tell you something very important? (…) I love (…) my blue curtains.”

“What are you thinking about me?”

Her parting words to me as I left on my holiday (that’s right… my holiday. More on that, later).

Me: “If you are good for Dad while I am away, I will bring you a new bathing suit.”

Anja (eyes wide as dinner plates): “What?!  Really? For me?  A new one?  Ok! I want it to have boobies and underpants and black and white stripes and all the colours.”

I’m on the hunt for said item.

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