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Let’s face it.  When your 3 year old tells you she doesn’t want to go skiing because there are too many rocks, it’s time to move to plan B.  I can’t really argue with her, it’s not as though we’ve had a stellar winter to date.

Saturdays agree with me lately.  The kids are fairly cooperative in letting me sleep in (and by sleep in, I mean the clock doesn’t lead with a 6), cartoons are allowed and therefore coffee is consumed in peace, and it’s a day off from work and training.  These days, I’ve even been good and stayed away from the stimulation/black hole of social media!  (Pats self on back).

While we skied last weekend in balmy 12C, this Saturday was cold and sunny, so the little people wandered across the road to skate on their “rink”: a frozen puddle in the middle of a hay field.  I felt so Canadian!  Too bad I don’t own skates.

I suspect that tomorrow we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming and be back on the hill.  We just can’t seem to stay away.  As it should be!

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