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March Break Musings

It’s March Break in this part of the world.  2 weeks.  16 days, actually.  I’m not entirely sure why the school board feels this is a good idea, but they do.  Apparently, there’s an annual survey that goes out to parents asking us if we want this extended break.  Interestingly, I’ve never 1) seen said survey and 2) met a parent who has ticked the “hell yeah I want my kids home for 2 weeks in the middle of winter while I scramble for childcare and overpriced camps!” box.

Conspiracy?  I think not.

Where’s the damn plane?!

I gave up wine and chocolate for Lent this year.  Clearly, I’d forgotten that Lent coincides with the aforementioned 16 day break.



That’s the numbers of days left till I dip my toe/jump in head first to my first triathlon in a hell of a long time.

Sidebar: if it’s been that long, can I still call myself a triathlete? Discuss.

I am a combination of excited, apprehensive, confident and terrified.  It’s fun, really!

Training is going well, though not without its ups and downs.  My shoulder continues to annoy the crap out of me most days.  Somedays I feel like I am a little rocket ship, others I feel like a super sloth.  Motivation drives me some days, other days it totally evades me (like when it’s raining and grey and oh look!  squirrel!)  I get distracted easily.

I’m back home after a few days at UnCamp with Lizzie (and Henry).  We failed miserably in our attempts at Tweeting and Selfie-ing our progress.  We have a lot to learn in that department of professional triathlete-dom.  If you want to know what training camps should really be like, do yourself a favour and read her latest post on the topic.

Our own camp went well.

  • I didn’t cry into my goggles.
  • The coach on the pool deck said “Wow, that’s fast!” to me (let’s just gloss over the fact that she was referencing my speed compared the grandma in my lane.  I’ll take it).
  • I made silly nutrition choices (who needs calories when you have sunshine and air!)
  • We rode into wind and up and down hills.  It was fun to tour all the homes in West Vancouver that I could never afford.
  • I remembered how much I like to ride outside.
  • I chased Lizzie’s bum at running intervals.
  • We earned that damn beer and burger.

I got that giddy feeling you get when you finish a hard workout and you can’t quite believe you did it.  I missed that feeling.  Welcome back, fitness.  Been a while.

Anyone have any must-sees/dos/stops between Vancouver and St-George, Utah?

In kid news, Will turned 8.  Rory lost teeth.  Anja skied the Blackcomb Glacier.  Average month, really.


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