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I’ll be the first to get annoyed when people humble-brag about how busy they are, but holy moly… Has anyone seen July?  I blinked and it’s done!  Hot summer days, kids all over the place and 4 events back-to-back makes me just want to sit down now.

August is going to be – hopefully – all about playing!  And planning silly adventures and challenges of course.

Speaking of challenges.  Have you heard?  #FP! It’s a thing.  Flash Plank.  Do it.  Convince you friends to do it.  You know you want to.

Summer has been pretty spectacular here and the kids are both fried/having a blast.  That’s what summer should be, in my opinion.  A steady stream of hot days, sunscreen, and popsicles.

I wrapped July by working my favourite event: Ironman Canada.  Once again, it was a great experience for me, one filled with long days and great people.  At an event of this size, it’s always the little moments that make it awesome for me.

Being on the paddle boards at the swim start.  I have a WHOLE new appreciation for swim course directors.

Almost getting trampled by 450 kids at the kids fun run.

Sneaking away for an hour to cheer for runners as they ran through the woods.

Being able to help an athlete by lending her my bike when hers broke.  My bike did Ironman!

Walking an athlete back to her hotel post-race, holding her hand, listening to her experience and hearing how proud she was of herself.

Dancing at the finish line at midnight.

Seeing my friends cross the finish line and feeling so proud of them.

I would sign up for next year if I didn’t like working this event so much.


And finally, FINALLY… I am running again.  Hurray!  Life is back to being complete.  Next up, the Squamish 23k trail run which *GASP*… I have to do alone.  I can’t remember the last time I did a race alone.  Anja overheard me complaining about this yesterday and never even batted an eye.  “Just call Lizzie, Mama.  She’ll do it with you.”





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