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“On your left!”

How long have I been racing?  Lots of years, lots of sports and lots of distances.  Lots of mistakes made and lots of lessons learned.


You’d think that I by now I’d have figure out how to seed myself appropriately at the start of a race.  Sunday, 30 seconds before the start of the Squamish 23K run, I looked around as I was chatting with Christine and fiddling with my gear and realized not only was I near the very back of the corral, I was behind a girl wearing those shudder-inducing 5 Fingers and another wearing birkenstocks.

Taking selfies when I should have been doing something else.
Taking selfies when I should have been doing something else.

Not ideal.  If I intend on doing anything that resembles racing at these races, I need to be up front near the bearded dudes who opt to run shirtless and the scary, sinewy women.  Alas, it was not to be today and off I went.

I spent the first 10kms faintly bleating “On your left…. On your left… On your left…” And yeah, I got around 5 Fingers and Birky pretty early on.

My terrible planning aside, this run is a must-do for anyone keen to do a hilly, challenging trail run.  The course is awesome, tough, hilly, technical and oddly quiet when you end up running the back half alone.

Wee bit hilly
Wee bit hilly

I successfully stayed on my feet, I didn’t deplete myself, won the mental battle when I

I'm a nerd and save bibs.  I did not want another one like this.
I’m a nerd and save bibs. I did not want another one like this.

started to get chills – there was no way I was putting myself in the hospital again – and finished feeling happy and good.  Plus, I got a big, sweaty bear hug from a tired GR.  A great way to end my race.

I had the foresight to park about 4 feet from the finish line so I immediately hopped in the truck (which my hips are making me pay for today), drove home and collected various children from various locations.  We finished off our Sunday with a bit of Slow Food Cycle and some time at their favourite place, the beer garden.

Replenishing my carbs.
Replenishing my carbs.

No seriously, it’s their favourite place.

And now for 1 day of recovery, 4 days of taper and then Challenge Penticton!  This ought to be interesting.


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