Pemberton, Running

Ending 2014 on a high note… literally.

I tried my best to stick to my training plan throughout the madness of the holidays and for the most part, I was successful.  Despite the running around, the juggling of schedules and people and the onset of the dreaded norovirus, I was good (and selfish) about getting out the door and doing my thing.

Sometimes, to make it happen, things had to get sacrificed.  Fun things… like sleep.  Jen and I had been talking about doing a winter run up to Joffre Lakes at some point, and what better point that sunrise on the last day of 2014?

The trail was perfect, the temps were very cold and the wind was howling.  Didn’t matter much since the sunrise over the 3rd lake made the effort worthwhile.

It was a perfect final workout for 2014.



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