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Ratchet back the crazy, people.

In light of Anja’s highly disorganized but fun birthday party a few days ago, I thought this was pretty timely.  Her party had friends, cake and junk food, parents and beer, science activities and presents. Yep. Good, old fashioned presents that ranged from a plant – which she loved and cannot wait to stick in the ground – to a doll that she talks to like they are BFFs.

In my opinion, it was a great birthday for a 5 year old. But I’m biased and I digress.

A friend sent me this photo of an invitation given to one of her kids by a classmate. Behold:



This is a party for a 7 year old. Not a wedding, or … some other occasion where it’s appropriate to ask for money. I mean, come on. I wouldn’t even know how to respond to this! How much does Little Johnny want? Is a gift card to the Home Depot or Starbucks ok? Because I’m pretty sure no presents wasn’t his or her idea.

Maybe I’m totally wrong. Maybe Little Lisa is getting a leg up on her college savings, in which case good for her. But maybe don’t do it on the back of your classmates? Gah.

My friend is responding by not going. Which I think is brilliant.

Am I missing something? Since when has this become acceptable? Is this the new normal?

Educate me, people. Educate me.

1 thought on “Ratchet back the crazy, people.”

  1. I’m totally in agreement. It is not only a treat for the kids to be invited to the party, but it is also fun picking out a toy for their friend. I love to see my their faces light up as they pick the most expensive toy, and then I explain mom’s on a budget and they look for something their friend will enjoy that won’t interfere with their movie allowance. I understand what the parent is trying to do but sometimes it can kill the learning process for a child. Be grateful and thankful for what you receive. If you get two of the same thing, let’s take one back. If you can’t, regift it or donate it to another child. I guess each parent has their own methods, so I’ll stay in my line and stick my methods. We do accept gift cards for those who just don’t feel like it or have the time to shop.

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