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Last night, I was driving the kids home from soccer practice.

(Volvo driving soccer mom!)

Anyway. I asked Will how his practice was and he said “Bad. We lost our game.”

I replied that if I was sad every time I lost a race or a game, I’d be sad A LOT.

He turned to his friend and said:

“It’s true.  My mom’s done a bunch of Ironmans and pretty much never wins.”


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Lessons in confidence

Anja rode her first “real” mountain bike trail this morning, the Bathtub trail.  She was appropriately dressed in a helmet, a stripy dress, a grey cardigan and pink glitter shoes.  Obviously.

As she wound her way through the twists and turns, she never stopped talking.  Again, obviously.

A few gems:

“I am the awesomest mountain biker ever”!

“I’m not afraid of anything in here!”

“I am so impressed with me.”

If I can channel that kind of confidence next weekend in St-George, look out.

2nd ride.  Tutu.
2nd ride. Tutu.
Kids, QOTD


We’re driving home from the final day of ski school yesterday.  Anja’s in a booster, asking if she can sit on her knees.  I said no.

“Oh ya right mama cause on the highway no one sits on their knees because if I did, PFFT,  Anja dead.  And then the birds would come and get me and pick me up by my t-shirt and fly me up and PLOP, drop me in the heavens.”

She should write road safety campaigns, that one.


Kids, QOTD



It’s after school.  We’re getting dressed to head out to collect Talky Talkerson from daycare.  I’ve had a fairly long day of training, skiing (woe is me) and chores.  I look, to say the least, disheleved.  I’m wearing post-workout clothes, a puffy, my hair is… mussed (fancy way of saying swim/helmet head).

Will: “I look weird.”

Me: “No, you don’t.  You look just fine.  I, however, look ridiculous.”

Will: “No Mum, you just look like an average senior.”


I’m here to tell you there’s no comeback for that.

Kids, QOTD


The latest gems from the offspring include:

“Hey! Lasagna rhymes with Anja!”

Referring to a bendy straw from a juice box: “That could be a telescope for ants!”

“Coffee is like candy for grown ups”.

“Mama, wedgies are not fun”.

(5 points if you can guess who came up with that last one).

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QOTD: Sochi Edition v. III

Our internet is patchy at best this weekend, so this edition brought to you from my phone.


“You can tell she’s a skier by her turns.”
– Jen Heil on the French mogul skier.

How… Insightful.

“He’s running on fuuuuuuumes!”
-NBC commentator in final seconds of men’s skiathlon.

I’m not generally a fan of NBC coverage (because, you know #nbcfail) but that guy might be my new favourite commentator. I want to buy him some throat lozenges and a beer.

And from our living room:

-Anja, whenever a figure skater falls.

I *heart* Olympics.