Race Report, Racing, Triathlon


That’s the word that circled my brain as I raced on Monday.

“Man, this is an unremarkable swim.” (Except that my goggles malfunctioned.  I suppose I mentally remarked on that.)

This is what I like to imagine I look like when I swim.
This is pretty much what I look like to my competitors. 

“My legs feel unremarkable on this ride. I’m a little bored.”

My imaginary self.
Pretty much my reality. The cat just needs to be replaced with a dog.

“Yep.  I continue to feel unremarkable.  Oh, she has her name on her bum.  I’m going to run her down. Still, kinda unremarkable.”

Surely this is what I looked like when I passed Ms. Name-on-her-bum.
Who am I kidding. This is more like it.

I couldn’t even come up with something somewhat clever to try to gloss over the fact that this race report would bore even me.

Long story short?  I don’t like sprints; totally out of my comfort zone.  That’s a lot of packing and fussing and organizing for 1 hour of effort.

I can safely say that it’s one and done for this year.