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Sound bites of summer

“Dropping in!” (can refer to anything from trampoline time, bike rides and hurling one’s self off the top bunk).

“Mom! Watch me!” (can refer to anything from trampoline time, bike rides and hurling one’s self off the top bunk, and let’s not forget everyone’s favourite: handstands in the shallow end).

“HEY! Don’t touch my XYZ!” (any child at any given moment referring to any given thing).

“Can I have a freezie?” Rinse and repeat.

“Aw, do I have to?” (refers almost exclusively to showering).

“Can I have something to eat?” (why, why, why are they always so HUNGRY?)

“Have you seen my XYZ?” (refers to everything, including the clothes they are currently wearing.)

Parents, do you feel me?


Day-to-day life, Family, Kids, Pemberton


Has finally arrived in all its hot, sunny glory in Pemberton.  Combine the fact that when possible, I choose to be outdoors rather than indoors with a self-imposed screen/virtual/social media/internet break on weekends, I’ve not got much time or inclination to write.

Simply summarized, life looks like this these days:

Coffee on the deck early in the mornings rather than bundled in a dark kitchen.  Commuting to work by bike a few times a week in only a jersey and shorts.  Fans in almost every room of the house.  Pool or lake time instead of baths and showers.  Lots and lots of time on bikes.  Sunscreen.  Hot, hot, hot trail runs (my favourite – except for when the sunscreen stings my eyes).  Water bottles scattered everywhere.  Entry way full of flip flops.  Falling asleep when it’s still light out (I consider this a luxury while some consider it a weakness).  Kids in swimsuits 24/7.  Ice cream treats.  Fresh local fruits.  Gardens, sprinkler and trampolines.

Happy Summer, friends.  Up next?  Defeat the Duffey – a local event not to be missed!