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Squamish Triathlon

Ever wonder how NOT to warm up for your portion of a triathlon relay (in my case, the run)? It’s SIMPLE!
Drop your eldest at a friend’s house. Upon arrival, help self to cinnamon buns (fresh) and discover that the men’s final of Wimbledon is on, 5th set, tied 6-all. Stay till it’s 14-14 and getting to be TRULY epic. Drag self out the door, jump in car, head to start. Text message all the way with previously mentioned friends to stay up-to-date on tennis match.
Arrive at race site, see friends I haven’t seen in a long time and spend lots of time chatting. Check watch, realize your cyclist should be in in about, oh, 5 minutes. Run up the street semi-quickly, then into transition.
It’s only a 10K, right?

I started strong, faded at the 5-7 km mark as per usual, nearly jumped out of my skin when Ollie/Dave/Jackie yelled at me in the bushes (it was so funny, I’m surprised I stayed on my feet) and recovered to finish quickly and strongly. My time was 50:17, not my speediest ever but I’ll take it, all things considered!

Long story short, our team (Lizzie Sandwich) prevailed and we won our category (not on the strength of my run, ahem.) Thanks Christine for a fast swim and Lizzie for a speedy ride!

Fun day, nice to catch up with everyone and plan the next adventures!

The winning overall team and the winning ladies team (photo credit: Lena Martin)

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