Racing, Triathlon

Vancouver Sprint

There are 2 things I swore I’d NEVER do when I first took up triathlon. First, I’d never race a sprint (too intense, too crazy, etc). Secondly, I’d never race in a swimsuit (for obvious reasons – I’m no Baywatch lifeguard!)

Well, Sunday I did a SPRINT in a BATHING SUIT. Gaaah!

Actually, both were super fun. I made lots of mistakes during the race (most notably treating the run like some kind of Sunday stroll through the park, which, wait… it was Sunday and we were in a park…) but those mistakes simply made me want to do another one and improve! Wasn’t such a bad day after all, since I ended up 3rd in my AG and 9th overall. I should have stuck around for the podium, I would have stood up there with Linsey Corbin, who won the race! And of course, on the other side of her was my partner in crime for the weekend, Marie-Anne.

Now it’s time to put triathlon aside for a few weeks and focus on bikes, cheese, wine and France! Departure, tomorrow 11am!

Marie-Anne “fueling up”…

Pretty nice place for a swim

Pre-race. I’m so tall all of a sudden!

Done and DONE!

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