I’m in the motherland, enjoying some family time and a bit of R n R.  I’m happy to have a bit of kid-free downtime to focus on getting a few things done that I’ve been neglecting but also to rest and get ready for the upcoming half marathon.  I’ve accidentally caught a cold, so that’s slowing me down a bit but I’ll get over it.

My goal for the race is to either run a PR or blow myself to smithereens trying.  Maybe I’ll accomplish both! That being said, I’m in the market for a reliable pace bunny… Anyone?  Anyone?

I enjoy coming back to all my old running routes when I am back here.  I didn’t run very much when I lived here 10 years ago but in the times that I have returned to visit I have carved out some favourites that never get old.  It’s a nice change of pace from the Pemberton and whistler runs we know so well. Only a few days to go till race day.

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