Back to the races

Yesterday was the first race I’ve done since June of last year.  I rarely state my goals, but in this case I declared that my goal was to either run a personal best or blow myself up trying.

I did both!

Overall, I am super happy with how my run went despite the fact that I spent the rest of Sunday paying a hefty price.  Hello, post-race nausea!  Go away now, thanks.

I did a few things differently for this race and surely some of these contributed to a good race.

  • I had a pacer.  Thanks Lizzie!  Unfortunately, her hamstring decided to have a picnic in Stanley Park at about the half way point, so from then on, I was on my own.  But I know for a fact that without her at the start there’s no way I would have made it to a PR.
  • I ran with music.  Bad music!  Music that makes me want to sing along!  (confession: Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 and Florence and the Machine make me go faster, and mumble the words to all those around me.  Apologies to fellow runners).
  • I did a proper warm-up (once again, thanks to Liz).
  • I didn’t run with a watch.  Well, I did.  But I don’t know how to work the stupid thing so basically I ran with wrist weight.

A half marathon is a hell of a long time to spend inside one’s own head.  It’s generally not somewhere I like to hang out and at around mile 12, the mental Gremlins started to get the best of me.  Maybe I should just walk it in.  I managed to keep them in check and kept pushing it to the end.

Turned the corner to the finish line and saw 1:37!  I was so happy!  And also, in a bit of shock.

I felt great when it was over, my legs were fine but my feet were not (I’d post a picture but that would just be gross).  As per usual, my stomach had some nasty ideas of its own not long after finishing.  I’d welcome your suggestions to how to get through that without wishing death upon myself.

One last observation about ½ marathons…  Why do people carry enough water to hydrate a village?  We’re not running through the desert, it’s a supported race with water every few kilometers, in downtown Vancouver. Why would you do that to yourself?!

Thanks to Carlee for the support… and for driving my sleepy self home.

Hiding my blisters

3 thoughts on “Back to the races”

  1. i was wondering what you were listening to!! i could have sung along …”I’m on the edggggeee of glooorry!” nice work out there. I’m fairly certain we were pacing for a 1:34….next time gadget. next time.

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