The Bug

Unlike many Olympic followers, I don’t catch the bug every 2/4 years when the Games roll around.  I seem to carry it 24/7.  However, my obsession does kick into high gear when there is a Games happening.

My FOMO has kicked into high gear.  There’s a part of me that alternates between sadness, disbelief and acceptance that I’m not in London this summer.  I’ve adapted to this by bookmarking 2938743 Olympic sites, following 18234789 athletes on Twitter and thanking my lucky stars for iPhone apps.

I’ll be adjusting my sleep schedule to watch my favourites live (what’s up, 1am women’s triathlon?!)  It doesn’t matter that I’ll be alone in my living room, in the dark and in my jammies, I’ll be cheering just as hard as if I were in the stands.


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