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Another weekend wrap up

That was certainly a full and fun-filled weekend.  CITS had to take a backseat this weekend (for me anyway) so that I could partake in the silliness that was Charlie’s Angels.

DH Angels.

I have to hand it to Tony Horn.  I’d never done one of his events and can now say, with certainty, that if he does another event, I’m in.  He puts on a  great event that was challenging yet achievable and more importantly, all for a good cause.

I haven’t raced a mountain bike race since 2003… and I’ve been on my mountain bike precisely 3 times this summer.  I was certainly out of my comfort zone as we rode up to the start of the DH.  Surrounded by downhillers, there’s no doubt in my mind that I am definitely more of an Uphiller (that’s a word, right?)  I had seeded myself just about last because of my, uh… prowess in the park?  However, I couldn’t take sitting up there watching everyone go.  So I jumped in and went.

Proof that I made it to the bottom – in one piece, no less.

I loathe time-trial starts and despite  not pre-riding the course, I didn’t exactly light the world on fire BUT I laughed (nervous laughter) all the way down, even after I hit a tree and then crashed off a jump.  I made it down in one relatively unscathed piece and then flew home to catch the Opening Ceremony.  It was, in my opinion, a great way to spend an evening.

Back of the packer…

Saturday held the XC portion of the race and although I experienced some kick-ass cramping in muscles I forgot how to fire, I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the course Tony put together.  It was fun to ride to some fun women I rarely get to see.  I much prefer mass starts (it’s where my pointy elbows come in handy) and especially ones that start uphill.  It got me out of the fray quickly and on my way.  2.5ish hours later I was at the lake, ready for more Olympic spectating (I immediately turned on my phone to see who won the Phelps V. Lochte dual – NERD).

Of course, no weekend is complete without some kind of medical emergency with the kiddos.  This weekend we were treated to 2!

Little broken beaner…

Onwards with the week.  Here’s to my arms regaining some of their feeling after the weekend and looking for the next adventure…

Pretty sure I was cramping here.