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I’m happy Hallowe’en is OVER for another year.  I suppose I don’t hate it as much as I used to now that we have kids, but it’s still one of my least favourite “holidays” of the year.  I didn’t like it as a kid; I disliked the pressure of finding “the perfect” costume, and since I grew up on a farm with a Dutch mom, trick or treating was rare, so I never cared about it that much.  I particularly hate that most costumes for girls/women have been taken to soaring heights of slutiness.  That’s just annoying.  Anja will henceforth be an old fashioned ghost, white sheet and all, until she’s 21.

CITS is creeping along through the fall and early signs of winter.  However, CITS #8 and #9 have been run with a boy.  That being said, he can hold up his end of the conversation and walks when I ask/tell him to, so we shall continue until it has to turn into Chicks in the Snow… which means ski days.

I’m trying to decide what, if any, races to do next.  I’ve damaged my knee so it either needs to be soon – before the doctors kibosh more running, or post-op.  Suggestions welcome.

Our home office is close to the kids playroom and it’s actually kind of nice to be in here working while they play together (we have a door we can close when we don’t have to break up fights). The best part is eavesdropping on their conversations. It’s quite something listening to a 6 year old explain to a 4 year what “outnumbered” means.  Or listening to a 4 year teach the 2 year old how to count to 20 (who needs 12 and 14, anyway?)

It’s November 1… which means no more perusing cooking sites with guilt-free pleasure.  My cooking challenge starts today.  What was I thinking?? We head to Kona tomorrow as a family which is great but we’re joining friends who happen to be great cooks.  Some would see this as an opportunity to learn.  I see it as pressure!

That being said, please send me some of your go-to recipes so that I don’t have to spend my days on Pinterest!  Maybe I should have started small, as in one new smoothie recipe a week – I can handle that!


Will to Rory, late one night.  “It’s in my dreams to have you come to school with me”.

Rory: “I’m so glad the world isn’t made of black pepper otherwise my whole body would be so itchy”.

Kona-bound tomorrow.  3 kids.  6am flight.  I’m not asking you to feel sorry for me… but think of me with fondness as you roll over in bed at 7.  Oddly, one of the things I am most looking forward to about this trip is being in the US for the election.  I’m curious to watch the coverage without the Canadian twist.

Hard to believe that when we come home it’ll be one week till opening day at WB!


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