Kids, QOTD

QOTD: The Anja edition.

This Kid.
This Kid.

Quite a few gems coming forth from this face lately.  Here’s a few samples.

Scene: in the shower, losing her marbles because she thinks she’s meant to go straight to bed afterwards, thereby missing family TV night.

Waaaaaaaaah! But I, I, I, wannna watch D-D-Deadliest Catch!”  (you can send our parenting awards via the mail, we’ll accept all deliveries).

 I half-laugh at her and ask if she even knows what she’s talking about.  “Yeah, it’s about boys who go fishing for crabs and fishes.  But no girls”.  In the end, she settled for watching The Canada Awesome Race.

Buried in the sand up to her neck at the beach:


Packing her lunch for school: “Don’t give me the green bananas, they’re not stripe yet”.

And I learned last night that she’s very afraid of thumberstorms.  Frankly, who isn’t?

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