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For the last few days, instead of playing Lego when he comes home from school, Will has been grabbing his art kit and working on his “series”.  He’s decided to create a series of books based on “Super Chocolat”, his invented super hero.  It’s pretty fascinating to watch him come up with ideas, characters and locations for his adventures.  Sure, they’re phonetically written and sometimes I have to guess at what’s written, but it’s still pretty awesome.

I think the best part may be that he’s created his own logo.

Maybe someone in this family will be a writer, after all.  Maybe we’ll have a guest post here soon.

1 thought on “The Author”

  1. Hi Christine. You don’t know me but I’m Ryan King’s aunt. I’m just visiting whistler for a couple of days and had instructions to somehow contact you. LOL. Anyway we spent some tome with Ryan and coralie this summer in Italy and France and they are doing great. If you get this message and you are in whistler I’m at Nice talking to you lol. Sharon.

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