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‘Twas the season and all that.

Sitting at the counter, surrounded by bits and pieces of Christmas and New Year’s detritus.  1 kid at daycare, the other 2 playing outside with a friend in what can only be called an honest to goodness downpour.  Welcome 2014!

So… whatcha been up to these last few weeks?  I wish I could think of something riveting to say but I can sum up the last 6 weeks in bullet points and pictures.  Hurray for the iPhone camera feature!  Otherwise I’m pretty sure my memory would erase 87% of the daily stuff that goes on in these parts.

– Ski school, blessed wonderful ski school has resumed for 2/3 kids.  That means we can now all ski together.  And that also means we don’t fit on one chairlift (cue the “I want to ride with Mama/Dada!” arguments).

-I couldn’t really hack retirement.  Back to work!  Thrilled.

-I’ve tackled some more structured training in light of some looming races (damn you, foolish near-unachievable goals!)  It feels good to shift into a routine.  And hey!  I can almost swim!  And I’ve remembered what it’s like to sweat on the wind trainer.  GTs.

-Contrary to all the lovey-dovey, 2013 was so wonderful #lucky13 posts I’ve read lately, I am not at all sad to see this year end.  It was a frustrating one for me and I’m ready to move into even numbers.

-Speaking of the New Year, I’m not one for resolutions but I suppose I resolve to eat better (hahaha – I say that every year) and to spend at least one weekend every month totally unplugged.  I think even I can manage that.

In kid news, this 2 week/3 weekend Christmas break with very little snow is kind of kicking my ass.  They might be loath to admit it, but I think even the boys are ready to head back to school.

A few of the latest Anja quotes:

“Mama, when you were on your trip, I was looking at the ground and then I splattered my face on the ground.”

Me: “Can you be quiet?” Her: “No.  My heart doesn’t like that so I listen to it.”

“Mama, elephants do not wear bathing suits.”

And lastly, a round up in pictures, in no particular order.


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