Day-to-day life

A wee vent.

Clearly, I’m getting old(er) and crochety(er) by the minute.

I’m currently working in the library.  Quietly.  Because, to my knowledge, libraries are meant to be quiet.  I had that notion ingrained into me at a very young age.

Herewith, a list of my pet peeves about today’s situation.

1.  The library is not your personal kitchen.  Those crunchy cracker things you keep pulling out of the crinkly bag?  I can hear you chewing them from 10 feet away.  Stop it.

2. The library is not your personal living room.  Put your shoes back on.  Wake up.  Stop snoring.

3. The library is not your private office space.  That phone call at top volume to check on your client?  Stop it.  Go outside.

4. The library is not your personal coffee shop.  If you and your friends want to catch up and chat, go away.

5. I text as much as the next girl.  But turn your phone sounds off *ping* *lalalala* *bzzzz*

Wow, I must be grumpy today.

3 thoughts on “A wee vent.”

  1. YES! This is a huge issue. I don’t think it’s you, it’s the decline of etiquette in Libraries. Gum chewing is the one that gets under my skin. I can deal with crunching (sort of), but I don’t want to hear the inside of someones mouth slopping around. uughhhhhh.

    AND, don’t get me started on whispering. I hate the sound of whispering and find it really hard to block out.

    Every now and then I’ll find a room full of silent people and its a joy to have to worry about the sound my binder makes when I turn the page.

    Good Luck

    1. Also, let us not forget those who whisper with headphones on, which leads to yelling. Or talking on the phone whilst covering the whole thing with your hand. I can still hear you.

  2. HI Christine, –grumpy with a reason; –in days gone by we had a sign in libraries “”NO TALKING PLEASE” first time we whipped em; second time we shot at em. NO more chit/chat.

    Great pics on your “Tis the season” info

    Lotsa Love


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