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It’s not going to plan.

Allow me to vent for a few lines.

Planned for Saturday?  Nimby 50.

As it stands right now?  My back is seized, I’m walking/limping like a neanderthal and riding a bike isn’t working out so well.  My kids think it’s funny that mummy lies on an ice pack while they eat popsicles and keep me company.

I was really looking forward to busting out a fresh pair of polka dot socks and enjoying the best post-race burger any race has to offer.

Planned for 2 weeks from now?  Victoria 70.3

As it stands right now?  My ankle/foot aren’t working so I can’t run.

You could argue that this leaves me with swimming but what’s the fun in that?  Besides, I can’t cancel Victoria anyway because the kids are coming with me and they’d murder me if I robbed them of the chance to stay in a hotel and ride a ferry boat.

What does that leave me with?

Frustration and a desire to take up an easier hobby, that’s what.

Woe is me. End rant.

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