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It’s been hot these past few days and it’s awesome.  Feels like someone turned on summer, suddenly.  The kids don’t adapt that quickly — they love it but it seems to sap their energy at the same time.  I spend an inordinate amount of grocery money on popsicles.

Why can’t I find these anymore?


Remember smacking them on the counter and splitting them with a friend?  Or shafting your sibling by eating 3/4 of it and giving them the piece that fell off into the package in the smacking process?  Ah, the good old days.

photo 4

Summer means lots of time biking here.  BMX started last night.  By no means are my kids competitive at this sport, but they do love going to the track.  They ask me for tips and all I can provide by way of insight is:

“um, yeah.  Don’t stop pedaling.”

“But what if I’m in the air?”

“Then don’t pedal.”

“But you said –”

“Never mind what I said.  Just go have fun.”

photo 1 photo 2 photo 2-1 Unknown Unknown-1 photo 6 photo 7

I’ll be on the start line at Victoria 70.3 next week, no matter what.  Which of course means I did this yesterday.  Someone needs to save me from myself.

photo 5


This guys has provided entertainment, companionship and lots of headaches these last few weeks.  He’s adept at escaping from the backyard but I can’t figure out how, despite spying on him (yeah, I spy on my dog.  So what?)  If you see this friendly face on the trail, take him for a ride/run.  He’ll love you for it.

photo 3-2

Any bets on how long this Teacher’s Strike will go on for?  Kids are enjoying the 4 day weeks.  Parents… less so.  Summer vacation starts early, I think…

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