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Eat all of the things.

And that folks, is my pre-race mantra.  It’s working well so far; I successfully stuffed my face today.  I think I need to have a shirt made.

It’s Ironman 70.3 Victoria tomorrow.  My morale is… meh.  I’d better get my mental act together since the alarm goes off in about 8 hours.  Frankly, I got exactly what I wished for when I said I wanted my next race to be in more moderate temps – I froze my ass off today.

Coach Suter said that I’m to swim as hard as I can (haha), bike as hard as I can (ok, sure) and then see if my foot holds up on the run.  It’s going to be a long walk if it doesn’t.

This means I’m going to take the opportunity to try all new things in this race and see how it all works out.  I mean, on the one hand I can argue that I am rested because I haven’t overtrained.  On the other, I can argue that I am severely undertrained.  So really, what have I got to lose?


Speaking of trying new things, I brought these along with me.  It’s their first time at one of mum’s “big races”:

My own personal cheer squad
My own personal cheer squad

They’ve added a whole new dimension to race prep.

I wonder how this is all going to shake out tomorrow?

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