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Multi-sport birthday weekend.

Yay, me.
Yay, me.

I celebrated my birthday last weekend.  Contrary to popular belief, I did not actually turn 24. In fact, I’ve officially jumped into a whole new decade, an entirely new age group.  When I confessed my real age to Will, the look of abject horror on his face was pretty priceless. Almost worth the price of my confession, I’d say.

You’d think he’d have figured out that I wasn’t 24 when one of his pals said to me “oh, so that means you graduated from high school 5 years ago?”

photo 4


Anyway, we filled the weekend the best way we know how: with sport.

Sport #1.  A 6 year old boy’s birthday party.

Happy belated, mon amour.
Happy belated, mon amour.


Ok, so while this isn’t “technically” a sport, when it was over I felt as tired as if I’d run 2 marathons. Clearly, I did not fuel properly.  Maybe I should have backed away from the MnMs.

The noise level was on par with that of a WWF match (I’m guessing here, having never actually been to one).  A recovery session was required by all.

Dyslexia at its finest
Dyslexia at its finest

Sport #2. Terry Fox Run

The most important run of the year.  I’ve done it every year since living on the West Coast and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.  It’s very, very important to me and my kids know it.  They are starting to feel the same way.  Granted, we don’t go far and some of the kids ride bikes, but we are out there supporting a very good cause.

Sport #3. Defeat the Duffey.

Sure, let’s pick an afternoon where it’s 30C to ride straight uphill for 65 minutes.  Fun!  It was hard and I loved it.  But damn if Paul didn’t win for the 3rd year in a row.  I have no idea how that’s even possible.  I’d call him a cheater if I could figure out a way that cheating is possible.

Celebrations continue this week as I am in  Maui with a group of the best friends a girl could ask for.  Far be it from us to plan a trip without a race, we’ll be starting the Maui 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

At 5am.

In the dark.

I haven’t run a quick step since Challenge Penticton.  This ought to be interesting.

I’d post lots of pictures of what we’re doing here, but that would just be cruel.


Ok, fine. One.
Ok, fine. One.

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